Academy of Kabbalistic Astrology

Level 1. Basic
10 weeks + eBook "Kabbalistic Secrets of The Zodiac"
Fee: £455

The Beginners Course will teach students the History of Astrology, with resources from the Sefer Yetsira, a general understanding of the Solar system, an insight into the different factors involved in a person's destiny, a better understanding of the Zodiac Signs and their missions on Earth, as well as a general overview of the Planets.

In the end of this Course the students will be tested.

Class 1 — Introduction, our mission. Why Astrology today? The big Names in Kabbalistic Astrology — excerpts from Zohar — Ibn Ezra, Avraham Avinu.
Class 2 — Is there a destiny? What makes it? Ari and Zohar.The Place of Kabbalistic Astrology.
Class 3 — Solar system, mythology, the planets as Archetypes in our lives.
Class 4 — Zodiac cycles and Holidays, Hebrew Calendar — MoladGyur.
Class 5 — The Signs in depth in Kabbalah (Tikkun, motivation, foundations, ruling planets). Part 1
Class 6 — The Signs in depth. Part 2
Class 7 — The Signs in depth. Part 3
Class 8 — The Signs in depth. Part 4
Class 9 — The Planets in depth, how do they affect us.
Class 10 — Class Test. Q&A

"Kabbalistic Secrets of The Zodiac"
Author: Yael Yardeni

One of the first books, that contains unique knowledge that will help you to know yourself and your loved ones better, as well as see your purpose in this world.

You will receive electronic version of the book as a gift after registering for the course of the Academy of Kabbalistic Astrology.
Level 2. Medium
10 weeks
Fee: £455

The Medium level will provide a much deeper insight into the planets and their interactions in a chart, the Astrological houses in depth, the different systems of houses, as well as the Astrological planetary aspects.

There will be a test at the end of the course.

Class 1 — Planetary influences in depth - Transits.
Class 2 — Astrology Houses. Part 1
Class 3 — Astrology Houses. Part 2
Class 4 — Astrology Houses. Part 3
Class 5 — Planets in Houses – Unveiling the Destiny. Part 1
Class 6 — Planets in Houses. Part 2
Class 7 — Planets in Houses. Part 3
Class 8 — Moon Nodes. Part 1
Class 9 — Moon Nodes. Part 2
Class 10 — Class Test. Q&A

Level 3. Advanced
8 weeks
Fee: £365

How to build and read an astrological chart, how to use intuition as well in the reading, with focus on the soul's correction in this life.

Class 1 — How do planets interact with each other? Part 1
Class 2 — Planetary aspects in details - Part 2- Charts exercises
Class 3 —Planetary aspects – minor aspects - Exercises in class- Rav's charts - Part 1
Class 4 — Personal Astrogram – Rav's chart - The 5 main Chart Patterns.
Class 5 — Mini class test — Planets in retrograde motion
Class 6 — Black Moon –the dark side of the Moon- Intuition & logic while reading a chart.
Class 7 — Chiron the Zodiac Healer - Chart Reading and ethics.
Class 8 — Final Test - Charts and how to enhance your intuition.

Note: On completion of the 3 above levels, students will receive a diploma.

Level 4. The Astrology of The Moon Nodes
6 weeks
Fee: £275

This course will teach us how to interpret lunar nodes at a deeper level and other important features to map a person's previous lifetimes.

Class 1 – General signs, levels of desire in a chart — Examples.
Class 2 — Moon nodes as time travel. Part 1.
Class 3 — Moon Nodes as correction. Part 2
Class 4 — Pluto, as past lives catalyst.
Class 5 — Saturn`s influence in Karma
Class 6 — Putting it all together.

Level 5. Specific aspects in Astrology
8 weeks
Fee: £365

Class 1 — Medical Astrology — The signs to look for …
Class 2 — Medical Astrology. Part 2
Class 3 — Transits — as triggers.
Class 4 —The Astrology of predictions— Solar returns & Relocations.
Class 5 — Progressions & Moon.
Class 6 — Interpreting charts training.
Class 7 — Interpretations in depth.
Class 8 — Class Test in chart interpretation. Q&A

Note: On completion of the 5 first levels, students will receive a diploma.
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