How to recognize in charts your ancestry and work with people on correcting it - online seminar by Yael Yardeni
Family Constellations and Astrology
Academy of Kabbalistic Astrology

The Academy of Kabbalistic Astrology was created in 2017 and inaugurated by Kabbalist Karen Berg.
A.K.A. offers online trainings on a modern webinar platform, available worldwide with several levels of study, curriculum, tutorials, tests, home assignments and has already welcomed several hundred students.

All graduates have the opportunity to practice and receive diplomas after accomplishing different levels of study.
The Dean of A.K.A. is world-renowned Kabbalistic Astrologer – Yael Yardeni.
Meet Our Teachers
What does the Academy of Kabbalistic Astrology offer?
  • Unique knowledge
    Based on the Sefer Yetsira (Circa 2000 BC) and Zohar studies, Kabbalistic Astrology offers a completely different interpretation of the natal chart based on the "Tikkun" or correction process of the soul, as taught by Abraham the Patriarch and other Kabbalists, such as The Rabad, R. Abraham Ibn Ezra, Shabbatai Donolo, R. Pinchas Eliyahu and many others...

  • Connecting with people
    How to read and understand your surroundings better. What to expect from other people.
    How to build positive relationships both at home and at work. How to find common ground with children and help them determine a successful future.
    The knowledge of Kabbalistic Astrology is the key to many hearts.

  • Meaning of Life
    What are our main challenges in life and the purpose of our existence? Is there a destiny? According to Kabbalistic Astrology, only through the understanding of one's personal correction, or Tikkun, can the individual achieve his higher potential, and transcend the trap and obstacles of the natal planetary alignments.
  • Taking it to the next level
    The study at the Academy includes an "astrolab" to help students practise. After 1 1/2 years of serious study, one can venture into doing chart readings and become a professional! Previous astrological skills will be significantly improved with the deeper and life changing study of Kabbalistic Astrology.
How to study
Kabbalistic Astrology in depth
Get the free video of the introductory class and find out why Kabbalistic Astrology is a unique tool to change your destiny
5 Levels
The Basics
10 weeks
9 Recorded Classes + 2 live sessions
& Study materials
Fee: 450 USD
The Beginners Course will teach students the History of Astrology, with resources from the Sefer Yetsira, a general understanding of the Solar system, an insight into the different factors involved in a person's destiny, a better understanding of the Zodiac Signs and their missions on Earth, as well as a general overview of the Planets.
In the end of this Course the students will be tested.
The Foundations
10 weeks
9 Recorded Classes + 2 live sessions & Study materials
Fee: 650 USD
The Medium level will provide a much deeper insight into the planets and their interactions in a chart, the Astrological houses in depth, the different systems of houses, as well as the Astrological planetary aspects.There will be a test at the end of the course.
The Completion of Basic Astrology
8 weeks
7 Recorded Classes + 2 live sessions & Study materials
Fee: 520 USD
How to read an astrological chart, how to use intuition as well in the reading, with focus on the soul's correction in this life.Note: On completion of the 3 above levels, students will receive a diploma.
The Astrology of The Moon Nodes
6 weeks
Fee: 430 USD
This course will teach us how to interpret lunar nodes at a deeper level and other important features to map a person's previous lifetimes.
The Intermediary Level
8 weeks
Fee: 500 USD
Medical astrology, solar returns, progressions and transits.
Note: On completion of the 5 first levels, students will receive a diploma.
"If we have difficulties on the physical level, it is because our consciousness still permits the physical world to dominate us."

– Rav Berg